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Top 5 Wedding Suit Colours For Grooms & Groomsmen

Top 5 Wedding Suit Colours For Grooms & Groomsmen

Wondering which is the best suit colour for the groomsman at a wedding? Wondering what are our top picks for the best suit colours for grooms and groomsmen? We know it can be tough. But worry not, we have your back.

What Wedding Suit Colours To Wear

Colours can make the difference in your wedding suit. A black suit is a little too severe, a dark navy can be versatile but may not work with all looks, while a light grey or tan shows a bit more personality. Brown suits are also an excellent choice if mobility and comfort are high on the priority list. Light pastels have become popular because they exude warmth and good times, perfect for decidedly chilled winter weddings. In addition to cool tones, some shades of pink and blue are becoming viable alternatives to more traditional grey and black.


You can wear a black or dark-colored suit to any wedding with confidence. Not only are dark hues in vogue, but they can help you feel solemn and dignified during the ceremony. You wouldn’t want to ruin the happy day by wearing something too lighthearted! The only thing more elegant than black is navy – get it if you can.




Navy Blue

If a man is looking for the classic look, navy blue is the best. It’s formal and a traditional wedding suit colour but probably not as old-fashioned as black. A navy blue single breasted suit with satin peak lapel is an excellent idea for any groom on his day and can be worn after the wedding, to more formal occasions.




Much of this relies heavily on your environment and culture. Those who are religious may want a dark suit, those in warmer climates will want something lighter, some see it as masculine and others might be seen as more feminine. This is all about finding the perfect combination for you!




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You might want a good suit for your big day, but the real question is what colour suits you best. Black is definitely the traditional choice, but you will be surprised how many people are drawn to white these days! Bright and powerful, it’s perfect for a groom who prefers a less dapper look.



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Two Tone Mixed Colour Suits

If you’re used to a classic look for your tuxedo, a two-tone colour suit is worth considering. This coloured combination is striking, yet still very conservative and classy. Consider navy blue and sky blue hues in your ensemble. With these colours you can’t go wrong with lighter or darker shades to complement each other. Another way to set yourself apart from the crowd would be to incorporate other colours such as another shade of blue into the mix.



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